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Sign Up Now! Global Privilege Press Release Sign Up Now! Global Privilege Press Release
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  • Global Privilege is one of the worlds leading operators of business generation programmes for the “Lifestyle” sector. The Global Privilege programme is a method of attracting new guests to your establishment with no upfront costs to you the merchant.

  • Building Guest Traffic
    Our members are high profile individuals with careers that require many of them to travel on business. They also have the disposable income to enjoy their free time in exotic resort destinations. Such high net worth individuals also entertain regularly for both business and pleasure. The attractive savings they enjoy when using Global Privilege benefits is always a very influential factor when deciding where to spend their hard earned money.

  • Filling Empty Rooms, Tables, Spas and Golf Courses etc
    There will always likely be days of the week when your business could benefit from extra patronage. Perhaps your low periods are weekends or maybe weekdays? Perhaps you would like to expand your food and beverage outlets but just cannot get enough customer through-flow to justify it? Our tailored approach and proactive Secondary Marketing Programme delivers new customers to you when you need them most.

  • Providing Focused Marketing Exposure
    As the operator of a “Lifestyle” business, you are keenly aware of how difficult it is to reach exactly the right client profile cost-effectively. Our local membership offices will maintain total client support to ensure your establishment is promoted to our members. We will also feature your business on our website with specific promotions and even handle booking enquiries for you. You can also instantly send email promotions to all of our members in your target market, absolutely cost free.

  • Registration
    So, how do you register as a Global Privilege Merchant and start getting new clients and free publicity immediately? Simply email us at and one of our team will contact you to verify the details you wish to publish on the Global Privilege website or you can register now online click here.